Happy birthday my beautiful bestfriend. Not only are you my bestfriend but you’re my girlfriend, my ride or die, my main, my babe, my soul mate, my sister, my life. You are always there for me no matter what and I couldn’t be anymore grateful to have as a part of my life. You make me smile when I’m sad and always have my back no matter what. We have been through so much together and have overcome every obstacle put in our way. I wouldn’t be able to do life without you by my side 💕 have the best birthday ever babe and party hard! I will always be your bestfriend and you will always be mine. You’re irreplaceable and I couldn’t be any happier that you are mine❤️ I love you girlfriend. Forever & always lover. @caitbernier
Nothin’ beats being with this boy💕 forever my man candy🍭🍬 @theycallmesteeefan
This boy is my life💕love you more than anything. Thank you for being perfect and always caring about me and being here for me, you have the 🔑 to my ❤️ #mcs
Lookin’ girly on Easter 💕🐰
Da new bby😘😘👌💯💕🎉

Here’s a last minute #wcw and an early #tbt this is a huge shoutout to these girls who have made my freshman year of college so worth it. Despite everything that’s been said and done I wouldn’t take back meeting and spending time with any one of you. I know we may not all be on the best of terms right now, but the day things get settled will be one happy day for all of us. I’m personally saying sorry for all things that have been done, love you ALL no matter what & I mean it xoxo❤️ we are stronger than our struggles 💕

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Me without @theycallmesteeefan 😣 #sadllama
I seriously have the best boyfriend ever 😍
Def could not survive without this girl💕

I’m not going to be the girl you marry.
I’ll be the memory you have when you propose to her. As you slide that ring on her finger you’ll think about that time we got dressed in our swankiest threads and had a horrible time at that party so we came back home and sat in an empty bath tub drinking whiskey outta the bottle talking about our childhood dreams.

I’m not going to be the girl you marry. I’ll be that memory whenever you and her get in an argument. you’ll recall our first fight and the endless glares and icy tones. Repetition of words like RESPECT and WHY rung through the stillness of the air. We almost ended that night. Thankfully you stopped me from walking out of that door.

I’m not going to be the girl you marry. I’ll be that memory when you have your first child. When you and your wife are picking out names you’ll remember our talk about our future. Our apartment layout and first pet. A dog named Pascal because I’m allergic to cats.

I’m not going to be the girl you marry. I’ll be the girl you fall for when you are too young to understand what falling really is. You’ll fuck up and lose me. You won’t realize it until a while later. But when you do, you’ll think about me everyday. Forever.

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Legit my ride or die💕 ily
@jess_bratberg1  😍😍😍 ily
Forever my fave picture💕 #tbt & happy national sibbbbies day to this beaut😘 @peaceformari